Kingston Nursing Student Conference

History & Objectives

The Kingston Nursing Student Conference (KNSC) is an organization that was founded in 2010 by Nicole Guilcher, a local nursing student. It was evident nursing students had very few opportunities to explore the out-of-the ordinary possibilities for advancement and employment in nursing. The KNSC provides a unique opportunity to bridge this gap, and to facilitate relationships between like-minded students and professionals. By providing students with a showcase of a broad range of opportunities in nursing, KNSC aims to find a place for everyone in their field of interest. Speakers at the conference represent a comprehensive range of backgrounds, including traveling nurses, clinical nurse specialists, nursing researchers and hospitals executives. These dynamic speakers lead a forum in which students explore and discuss the opportunities open to them in their future careers.

The KNSC was formerly called The Queen’s Nursing Student Conference (QNSC). The name has evolved to more accurately reflect the conference’s inclusion of the entire Kingston nursing student community. By strengthening community relations, and providing knowledge to individuals, the conference serves not only immediate needs, but will inevitably lead our students to promote superior patient-centered care in the future.

Mission Statement

KNSC is a nursing student conference that exposes nursing students to different nursing specialties in order to inspire personal and professional growth.

Executive Team

Director: Olivia Owsiany

Logistics Coordinator: Emily Sullivan

Financial Officer: Catherine Shih

Promotional Marketing Coordinator: Chelsea Ng

Social Media Marketing Coordinator: Sarah Anne Cormier

Delegates Coordinator: Samantha Lee

Fundraising Coordinator: Mac Morrin

Speakers Coordinators: Marianna Clipsham

Contact info can just be our email: